Overcome Your Fear Of Social Media Marketing Outsourcing

Social Media Marketing can be defined as the use of  social media sites like Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn etc. to promote a product or a service.  However, this type  of  marketing is an expensive proposition.  This  is because it requires highly skilled manpower that is thoroughly aquainted with the business  model of a company.  Additionally, the team involved in social media marketing needs to coordinate with different departments so that it can post the latest information about the company on the social media.  Cost-wise, it is always a good idea to outsource this department.  However,  before doing that it is essential for a company to get rid of the fears of outsourcing its social media marketing.

The  most common fears that haunt an entrepreneur while outsourcing their social media marketing are:
  1. Losing personal touch with customers
  2. Losing control
  3. Distortion of a company's culture
All these misgivings are genuine from  the perspective of a company which has established its business through years of hard work.  However,  one can easily overcome these anxieties by analyzing their root cause and finding logical solutions.  Let us dissect these fears and try to  find appropriate solutions.
  1. Losing personal touch with customers:  Some companies cannot muster the courage to outsource their social media marketing because it might result in losing touch with their clientele.  When a company hires an in-house social media manager,  it trains that resource on the business model so that they can project the company's image in a positive light.  However, the good news is that the same training can be imparted to the outsourced staff.  Additionally, one can sign a comprehensive contract with the outsourcing company regarding the objectives of outsourcing.
  2. Losing control:  For some companies,  it is the fear of  losing  control  of their business that does not allow them to outsource their  social  media marketing. One can overcome such fears by studying the outsourcing marketplace.  The outsourcing of  social media marketing is all about saving time  and money that a company spends on this  function.  The vendors cannot take control of any of your business processes if you maintain regular communication with them. And, of course, choose the right outsourcng partner to begin with.  Additionally,  one can safeguard the company's interest by clearly mentioning  it in the outsourcing contract.
  3. Distortion of a company's culture:  This is a common concern when the cultural differences between a company and its outsourcing partner seem to be obstacles to a proper understanding of what is required. However, that need not be so. Remember, an outsourced social  media  marketing manager is the person that enhances the client's online image.  This resource can  portray the culture of your company in a positive light, but has no means to affect it any way.  However, if you find that our outsourced social media manager is not  doing the  job properly, you may terminate the contract with him.  Therefore,  specifying the objectives of outsourcing is the  key to get rid of this fear.
The fears of  outsourcing a social media  marketing  project are mostly rooted in lack of    information.  If these fears are dealt with logically and by analyzing the relevant information, one can easily overcome them.  Once these fears are won over, one can easily outsource their social media marketing and can save both, time and money.


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