What Tasks Should A Home Business Owner Outsource First?

The temptation to do everything by oneself may be strong in a home business owner – particularly start-ups who always have to keep one eye on conserving already-tight finances – but this line of working inevitably leads to an early burn-out and exhaustion. A home business owner is under all kinds of pressures and so it only makes sense if they offload some of that onto someone more equipped to handle it.

This is where outsourcing can prove to be a boon. By outsourcing non-essential tasks to someone who not only has the necessary manpower and expertise to carry out the work but also does it in a cost-effective manner, you free up your own time and resources to focus on your core business activity – strengthening sales and increasing profits.

So, what are the tasks that a home business owner should outsource first?
  1. You focus on the income generating activities while delegating (read, outsourcing) as much as possible to experts and professionals. This achieves two goals: efficiency and cost savings since the people you would be outsourcing to would invariably cost far less than the locally available skills.
  2. Your online presence depends on how good a website you have. So, if coding and designing are foreign terms to you, don't try and learn them so that you can do the work yourself. It is futile, time-consuming and even after all the effort your work may look amateurish and lack the mark of a true expert. Leave website designing and development to the experts. In other words, outsource.
  3. Similarly, time-consuming but essential endeavours like SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMO) and other forms of internet marketing are best left to professionals. There are qualified professionals who have made a living out of these tasks and your website will benefit enormously if you place yourself in their experienced hands rather than attempting it yourself.
  4. Perhaps no other task can be as tedious and time-consuming as accounts and payroll. Aside from gobbling up large chunks of your valuable time, such work can really sap your energy if working with numbers is not exactly your forte. There are plenty of outsourcing financial companies that take on such work and do a good job of it.
  5. Website content is an important part of any online business since it is one of the best ways to showcase your company, product or your offerings. The best way to get maximum results is to outsource content writing if you lack the skill yourself or if the local talent is proving to be cost-prohibitive. Other must-outsource jobs include e-mail marketing, PR, graphics designing (banners, logos, advertisements).
  6. There is a simple thumb rule to follow when you are dithering about which tasks to outsource and which to do yourself. If the job is time-consuming; if it is something in which you lack expertise or skill; something that can slow you down because you lack sufficient manpower, then yes, it has to be outsourced!
Basically, you need to make an inventory of all the tasks that can be termed as 'top priority' and those in which you lack proficiency. There should be another list that outlines all the tasks in which you may have proficiency but which sap your energy and creativity. It is worth investing money in outsourcing such tasks because ultimately they would showcase your company and brand in the most positive manner.


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