Why Should Small Businesses Outsource Their Customer Service To Remote Dedicated CCEs?

Companies have been outsourcing their customer service to offshore locations for a long time.  This practice gives them the ability to deliver excellent customer experience at a reduced price.  However, until now only big companies have been able to take advantage of labor arbitrage in this field.  This is because good customer services can be delivered only through call centers.  Big companies have the money to establish their own call centers in economically cheaper locations like India and Philippines.  These conglomerates can also afford to hire the services of well-established call centers. 

However, when it comes to small businesses, they can neither afford to open their own call center nor afford  the services of project outsourcing companies due to financial constraints.  Entrusting a key process like customer service to freelancers is a very risky proposition for these resources are not reliable.  In such a situation, small businesses rely on automated customer services tools like IVR in which the customers have to spend long hours selecting the right options.  The whole process takes a toll on customer experience.  In such a scenario, hiring remote dedicated customer service executives (CCEs) comes as a boon for small businesses.  This concept gives them the opportunity to have their own call center in India without having to spend on office space, support functions, hardware, software or infrastructure.  As a result, small businesses are able to deliver excellent after sales services to their clients.

Let us see how the concept of hiring remote dedicated CCEs helps small businesses to deliver customer service at par with the big companies:

Easy and flexible hiring process:  To hire dedicated CCEs, you just have to give your requirements to the vendor in India.  In turn, you get a well-researched list of candidates from the English-speaking talent pool of India.  Then you handpick the best candidates from this list and interview them through video conference.  This process gives you the opportunity to cross-examine the skills and experience of the candidates.  Once you are satisfied with all these aspects, you can hire the candidates as your very own dedicated CCEs.  Once you hire a dedicated CCE, this resource works exclusively for you from the office of the vendor.  The vendor also provides this resource with hardware, software, HR support and IT support.  In addition to this, the concept of hiring dedicated employees is so flexible that you can add more CCEs to your remotely working team at any point in time.

Easy training and supervision:  All your remote CCEs are equipped with remote collaboration devices like video conference, Skype, web camera etc.  By using these tools, you can train them on the customer service process.  You can also use these tools to supervise your dedicated CCEs.  With such training and supervision, you can derive excellent results from your remote CCEs, which eventually leads to an enhanced customer experience.

The concept of hiring remote dedicated CCEs gives you, your very owncall center in India from where you can deliver excellent customer service.  In return, to this, you only pay a monthly fee.  So, it makes a lot of sense for small businesses to hire remote dedicated CCEs.


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