Top 7 Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Full Time Virtual Employee

In today's scenario, businesses are being conducted in a highly competitive environment. Thanks to globalization, the reach has spread beyond geographical boundaries. It, therefore, becomes increasingly essential to make sure that each and every process of your organization functions smoothly. In addition, staying one step ahead of the competition is imperative if a company wishes to survive. Time is nearly always at a premium, and there is always a rush to meet targets, deadlines and client requirements. Which is why the concept of outsourcing has caught on in such a big way.

But, the crucial question is. Outsource to whom? A freelancer or a virtual employee? The answer is obvious: work with dedicated virtual employees and see your business grow.

1. Office Space. You save on office space. Your locally hired employees all need workstations, cubicles or whatever your office infrastructure allows. A virtual employee, as the name suggests, works for you virtually. Which means that this employee's presence is virtual and not physical. A remote employee operates out of the office of the outsourcing service vendor but works for you.

2. Hardware/Software. It is the outsourcing service provider who provides all the necessary hardware and software required for the virtual employee. It is not your headache. A reputed and well-established remote staffing company will make sure that their virtual employees have access to all the latest hardware and software.

3. Full Time Employee. In outsourcing, you are working with a third party agency with whom you may not have a direct physical interaction at all. When the outsourced partner is a freelancer, there is always an element of uncertainty and risk involved since the freelancer is not a full-time employee but a contracted one. However, with a virtual employee, all such fears can be put to rest. A virtual employee works full time for you like any other local employee and is your company's dedicated human resource.

4. Employee Leave Management. A virtual employee signs a contract with the service vendor at the time of joining. As a result, the outsourcing service vendor's HR department takes care of all issues like employee leave, sick leave, paid leave etc. Employee leave management is not your concern.

5. No Worries About Employee Benefits. Employee benefits for a regular employee who is on the company's payroll include insurance, medical benefits, provident fund, pension plans and the like, However, when you ire a virtual employee, you get to bypass all these since it is the outsourcing vendor who takes care of these issues. The employee is on the vendor's payroll but works for you. So you get all the benefits of a regular employee without the accompanying extra costs.

6. No High Salaries. The biggest attraction of outsourcing to India is the cheap and talented labour that is available in abundance. For instance, a Java developer in India will cost a fraction of what it would cost to hire a similarly qualified and experienced software professional in the US or the UK. In that same salary, it is perfectly possible for you to hire not one but two virtual employees.

7. Data Security through Virtualization. The last misgiving can also be laid to rest when hiring a dedicated virtual employee. Data security is perhaps the single biggest concern while outsourcing to a service provider who resides in a developing country. All the horror stories are not necessarily true. A well established outsourcing company will make client data security of paramount importance. Thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible to have data security through virtualization. For instance, a remote employee may be working on a laptop or a PC in vendor's India office, but everything will be processed directly from your server.

So, a dedicated remote employee is the best bet if a company has decided to enter outsourcing.


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