Top 6 Most Popular Outsourced Jobs

An overview of the outsourcing marketplace shows that the jobs that are outsourced most often are from office functions that add little value to a company's core business. It is not that they are not important but they do figure way down the pecking order.  The other factor that makes an office function ideal for outsourcing is the high cost of keeping it in-house.  Non-availability of suitable resources of a job also prompts companies and entrepreneurs to outsource it.

  1. Customer Services:  Manufacturing and distribution companies find it a good idea to outsource  their after-sales troubleshooting  to  a call center.  By  doing so, they can easily handle the routine customer support calls and that too on a 24x7 basis.  As a result, they are able to concentrate on their core business while their customer service is taken care of by the call center. That is the reason behind the BPO boom taking off in such a big way.
  2. Information Technology (IT):  In case of Information Technology (IT), the  best resource that one can get is an  outsourced resource.  The main reason is the exorbitant salaries that software developers and programmers command in the western market. The same work can get executed in the desired manner at a fraction of this salary from an offshore destination like India. Another reason is that the scope of IT outsourcing is so vast that one can get IT solutions from  every corner of the world. Besides that, with remote access tools virtually all the IT issues can be solved from  a remote location.  Due all these reasons, most of the companies and entrepreneurs find IT outsourcing to be a lucrative option.
  3. Human Resources (HR):  The human resource department of a company performs the very important function  of hiring the best available talent in the market.  This department requires well qualified professionals, and hence the cost of  maintaining a good HR department is quite high.    Besides this, the HR team needs continuous training on different compliance  laws which is again an expensive proposition.  A high maintenance cost and the need for training every now and then prompts companies to outsource their HR positions.  
  4. Legal Services:  Every company-  be it large or small - has to deal with scores of legal issues on a day to  day basis.  Therefore,  to deal with these issues,  they have to keep a legal team  of their own.  No doubt, this team performs a very critical function in your office, but the cost of maintaining a legal team is again very high. Legal professionals are not  easy to find and if at all you find them, their salaries and perks dig a deep hole in your pocket.   All these factors and easy availability of well qualified and English-speaking legal professionals in countries like India have made legal service to be an often outsourced job.
  5. Payroll: Every company, irrespective of its size has a payroll department that takes care of the emoluments of the employees.  However, it is a support function that consumes a lot of resources in terms of office space, stationary, hardware and software.  In sharp contrast, this office function hardly adds any value to the core business of the company.  This makes payroll to be another widely outsourced office function, better taken care of by cost-effective experts.
  6. Website Services:  Website services and development is another job outsourced very often because it saves a lot of money and office  space for companies. Besides, there are lot of  service providers available in  every nook and corner of the world who can offer website  services at very competitive prices.  Most of the vendors can offer comprehensive website  solutions in every field- be it e-commerce,  internet marketing or  search engine optimization. 
With the present order of the business world and the continuous evolution of the outsourcing industry to adapt to its demands, this list of most popularly outsourced jobs will probably see completely new entrants sooner than later.


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