How To Take Control Of Your Outsourcing

One of the primary concerns that has often plagued the mind of a person who outsources is a loss of control over the outsourced work. 'I am going to lose all control over my outsourced work. A bunch of strangers in a foreign land are going to handle it and I won't be able to control any part of how it should be executed' are just some of the thoughts that sometimes override the desire to outsource even when it is needed. But now, that no longer need be the case. Outsourcing and work control can indeed be synonymous!

This anxiety is not without some justification. In its early years, outsourcing to offshore freelancers left most companies and individuals with little choice other than to place their work, their trust and their money in the hands of virtually faceless strangers working in a remote Third World destination. However, things aren't so dismal these days. This is because, it is indeed possible to take control of your work even though it has been outsourced. It all hinges on the choice of the outsourcing partner.

Here's the thing. Say you've outsourced copywriting for one of your ongoing marketing campaigns to a talented freelancer from India. Now, this person may turn in great copy but then there would be days when you would be less than satisfied. Unfortunately, since you both work in conflicting time zones and there is no way you can really have a real conversation with this freelancer to discuss work, written instructions via emails is the only other alternative. Since Third World countries are notorious for power outages and fluctuating broadband connectivity, emails getting delayed is not infrequent. The net result is not just loss of productive hours and stalled work but also a feeling of helplessness since you really have no clue what this freelancer is working on, whether your work is being accorded the desired priority and how far has it really progressed.

Understanding this very real concern and the fact that, offshore freelancing, by its very nature was handicapped to tackle issues of reliability and close client-freelancer collaboration, some outsourcing companies came up with something totally different. VirtualEmployee.com, one of the top outsourcing vendors in India, was the first to introduce the revolutionary new concept of the 'virtual employee'. This virtual employee is simply a remote employee who functions exactly like a local employee except that this resource works out of the offices of the remote outsourcing company in India. The virtual employee becomes your own resource, working exclusively only for you and your organization, instead of multiple clients like the average freelancer.

That is not all. You also stand to gain all the advantages of an offshore unit, with the vendor's office acting as an extension of your own local office here in India. This effectively means that your virtual employee works from a well-maintained office, having their own spacious workstations, the latest Dell or HP laptop, all computer peripherals such as headphones, webcam, fax, scanner, etc, and fast and stable lease line connections. The bonanza continues with the vendor's entire staff (HR, accounts, IT) taking care of your remote employee for you, handling all the non-work related issues, and leaving you and your virtual employee free to focus only on work.

So, instead of depriving yourself of the benefits of outsourcing for fear of loss of control, be wise in your selection of the outsourcing vendor. 


Taking control of outsourcing is always a headache. You have mentioned the solution very elaborately. This will be helpful for all. Thanks for sharing

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