Outsourcing Forestry Engineering Services

Engineering Process Outsourcing (EPO) is gaining popularity to such an extent that almost every kind of engineering is now being outsourced. Apart from civil engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering etc., the lesser known processes like forestry engineering services are also being outsourced to offshore locations. Interestingly, cost saving is not the only reason behind this surge in the growth of EPO. The large scale availability of engineering resources at offshore locations, the deficit of local talent and delivery of quality services in a timely manner are also responsible for this phenomenal growth of EPO.

Forestry is not all about management of afforestation and biodiversity; there are several other attributes to it like forest biometry and forest biology etc. While afforestation is one aspect of forestry that can only be handled on the actual location, there are several other processes related to forestry that can easily be outsourced to offshore locations. Let's look at the forestry engineering services that are being outsourced extensively:

1.Forest Bio-energy & Environmental Technology: Forests are not only instrumental in maintaining the much-needed ecological balance, but also provide a host of natural resources like straw, bio fuel and manure etc. For the management of these resources, one needs experienced forestry engineers. These engineers also devise the necessary environmental technology to maintain these resources. The companies and organizations involved in this endeavor are finding outsourcing to be a viable way of achieving desirable results.

2.Forestry Management: Forestry management involves the overall administrative, social and economic aspects of forests. Engineers working on this aspect of forestry devise strategies for timber extraction, planting, replanting and fire prevention.

3.Forest Surveying: This is another aspect of forestry that is being extensively outsourced to offshore location. Technology has made it possible to survey a distant location through satellite. Therefore, companies involved in this business are finding outsourcing to be a viable solution.

4.Transport & Timber Logistics: Devising strategies for timber logistics also requires a specialized engineering service. This work can also be outsourced to vendors who have the necessary expertise. 

5.Machinery & Equipment: Forests are rich in both renewable and non-renewable resources. To tap these resources, appropriate machinery has to be developed. Companies involved in the business of developing such machinery are finding outsourcing to be a lucrative option.

6.Forest Biology and Biometry: These processes can also be outsourced to offshore locations to get cost-effective results.

With a wide variety of forestry engineering services that can be outsourced, the engineering process outsourcing industry is set to achieve new milestones in the time to come.


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