Why Should You Outsource Your Android Application Development?

The Android applications have taken the world by storm.  This Linux based operating system (OS) for Smartphones is used by 75% of market players.  At present more than 500 million mobile devices use this OS and it is predicted that by the end of 2013, this figure will cross the billion mark.  What adds to the popularity of this operating system is that it is an open source technology that can produce highly interactive and useful applications.  At present there are more than 70,000 Android based applications in the marketplace and this number is increasing by the day.  However, this huge number makes it difficult for  you to find customized applications that suit your needs.  In such a scenario  it a good idea to outsource your Android application development.  This practice gives you access to seasoned application developers who can devise customized applications for you at a reasonable price.

Easily access creative talent:  This is the most prominent reason for you to outsource your Android application development.  These services call for well qualified and innovative human resources who can give out-of-box solutions.  Fortunately, offshore locations like India have enough fresh talent to meet all your requirements.  These resources can devise original Android applications for you because they have a innovative outlook towards the whole development process.  Also, outsourcing of Android application development gives you a variety of hiring options where you can hire resources on monthly, weekly or hourly basis.   
Get Android applications at a reasonable price:  The Android applications that you get from your in-house team cost you a fortune because you have to shell out a huge sum of money to employee these resources locally.  Besides, you pay for the office space and technology used by these resources.  However, when you outsource your Android application development to an offshore location, you save on all these attributes.  This is because the currencies of the third world countries are cheaper than any American or European country.  So, you can hire better qualified resources at a reduced price.  These resources can deliver excellent results in terms of quality and productivity.
Freedom from responsibilities:  Keeping the Android application development in-house adds to your responsibilities because you have to take care of the whole department for yourself.  Be it the compensation of the employees, their insurance or other benefits,  you are responsible for everything.  All these obligations not only bother you financially but also consume your valuable time which you can utilize for more productive purposes.  However, when you outsource this function, you automatically get rid of all these responsibilities because your outsourcing partner takes care of them.  So, outsourcing of Android application development gives you ample time to take care of your core business.

Android application development is a highly competitive domain because it is based on an open source technology.  So, to  compete in this environment,  you need seasoned developers who can devise out-of-the-box applications for you.  Outsourcing not only not only gives an easy access to such creative professionals, but also allows you to save on infrastructure and overheads.


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