Outsource Blog Writing To A Permanent Full Time Virtual Employee

Blogging is a great way to create a buzz around your online business, generate interest and possibly divert appropriate sales traffic towards your principal website.  The good news is that even blogging can be outsourced.

India is not just the hub for IT outsourcing. It is also teeming with highly talented writers who are as much at ease with the English language as those for whom it is their native language. According to Thomas L Friedman, whose latest book is dedicated to the burgeoning outsourcing industry, 'The World Is Flat?', India produced a whopping one million more college graduates than the US in 2011. This should definitely be heartening news for those outsourcing to India and should silence the critics once and for all.

Leading outsourcing companies in India, like VirtualEmployee.com for instance, can provide an organization with a blogger who can write about any topic under the sun. True, there are some things that cannot be outsourced, such as a blog writer's passion, likes and dislikes etc. However, thanks to advanced technology, the well-established vendors have created an outsourcing climate which is highly conducive to close client-employee collaboration and wok management.

This is where a dedicated employee scores high over a mere freelancer. Outsourcing blog writing to a freelancer can be rife with delays and miscommunication since these outsourcing 'partners' almost always work alone and from home, with limited resources and restricted access to the best of technology. A dedicated virtual employee, working out of the controlled and well-equipped office of a remote staffing company is every inch an employee in the real sense of the term, except for just one difference. They are not physically present and instead work from an office some halfway around the globe.

The benefits of hiring a permanent, full-time virtual employee to write blogs are manifold and can turn the outsourcing experience into a satisfying one.
  1. A full-time employee is a definite advantage over a mere freelancer who is able to part with only a few of his total work hours for you, handling as he does several clients and their assignments. So, your project gets less than the attention you would prefer. A full-time virtual employee is your very own dedicated resource, just like any other locally hired worker.
  2. A remote employee works out of the well-equipped office of the outsourcing vendor, which means that all the latest hardware and software are easily available. A freelancer working from home, usually with limited resources, cannot hope to match such technological prowess.
  3. A dedicated remote employee is someone you have selected after a rigorous screening process. Compare this to a freelancer who is usually picked up on the basis of their bids rather than any specific qualifications. So, with a remote blog writer you know who you are working with.
  4. It is far easier to manage, control and collaborate with a full-time remote employee than it is a freelancer. This is because the vendor's office functions like an offshore extension of your own office, furnished with all the modern means of communication that make it easier for you to interact with your remote employee even several times a day, if need be.
  5. Your remote employee is ensured of a 24x7 HR support and IT back up in case of technical glitches, thereby not letting your work get hampered or unnecessarily delayed. A freelancer is always at the mercy of power outages and internet failures and can unwittingly be the reason for work getting horribly delayed or stalled.
  6. Data security is never a threat with your virtual employee because the vendor's office has superior software securing technology besides making the employee sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the time of joining.
So, your full-time, dedicated blog writer can be of enormous help in handling every aspect of the blog – right from aggregating the content, promoting and networking the blog, editing and proofing, discovering new blogging tactics and adding that extra dimension to ensure that your blog races to the top of the popularity charts.


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