What is the recipe for successful overseas outsourcing?

Overseas outsourcing has gained tremendous popularity among businesses across the board due to its ability to provide cost-effective business solutions. However, it requires a lot of planning and hard work to make overseas outsourcing successful. As every business is unique in itself, there is no set formula to make every outsourcing venture a success. However, there are certain ground rules that constitute the perfect recipe for successful overseas outsourcing.

Let us find out what attributes constitute this recipe for successful overseas outsourcing:
  1. Choose the right outsourcing destination: The outsourcing destination plays the most important role in the success of an outsourced project. You should make sure that the destination you are choosing has ample human resource, talent, skills, proficiency in English and infrastructure to support your outsourced business process. Besides, there should not be any major political turmoil in the region where you are outsourcing your project. The government of the region should be industry-friendly and there should a free and fair judiciary to take care of any legal hassles.

  2. Identify your goals: Rushing into the outsourcing decision without clear goals can put the entire business process at risk. Before outsourcing, you should do a strategic planning of what exactly you want to achieve by doing so. Prepare a scorecard-based outsourcing plan to achieve the intangible benefits like creativity and agility.

  3. Choose a service provider that suits your individual requirements: Getting the right service provider for your business process is the most important part of outsourcing. To get the most appropriate service provider, conduct an extensive search in the marketplace. It is imperative that the vendor should be able to provide the necessary infrastructure and human resource for the execution of your business process. The vendor you choose should be able to do justice to your requirements. If you are a big company and have a large project to outsource, you may require a large project outsourcing company. Short-term, low budget projects might need a freelancer. However, if you are a small and medium enterprise (SME) or an individual business owner, hiring remotely working dedicated employees can give you the desired results. To hire such employees, engage with an outsourcing partner that applies a flexible, consultative approach.

  4. Do it in a planned way: After selecting the vendor, the project should be transferred to them in a planned manner. Ask the vendor to do a pilot project before giving the whole project to them. This way, one can ascertain whether the service provider is able to deliver the desired results in time.

  5. Play an active role in getting the desired results: Your outsourcing partner may be the best in the industry; however, the onus of deriving the desired results lies as much with you as with your vendor. To make sure that you are getting the desired results from outsourcing, follow up regularly with your vendor and measure the results. This practice not only ensures better results, but also creates better understanding between you and your service provider.
If all these attributes are added to an outsourcing strategy with the right amount of pragmatism, clients can get the perfect recipe for successful overseas outsourcing.


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